Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray
Andi Dorfman and Josh MurrayInstagram/Screenshot

"The Bachelorette" couple Andi Dorfman and her fiancé Josh Murray have been engaged for about five months, and recently they took their first step toward walking down the aisle when they went wedding dress shopping, even as rumours surfaced that their nuptials won't be televised.

ABC is said to have axed the idea to televise their wedding as "they knew the costs would far exceed the advertising revenue and ratings that the event would bring in," reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. However, there is yet to be an official announcement.

Meanwhile, the couple on Monday opened up to People about their wedding planning, and said that everything will revolve around the dress.

"As a woman, I am just going to go ahead and say everything revolves around the dress. So, we will pick the theme, we will pick the venue, and we will pick the place based on the dress, I think," Dorfman said.

However, the couple is yet to set a date for the wedding. "We like spring or summer," Murray said. "Not when it's too hot, though, because I am a sweater."

Dorfman and Murray's relationship has been under constant scrutiny since "The Bachelorette" ended, and various reports have since come out claiming that they were together only for fame. The couple have tried their best to dispel these rumours by taking to their respective social networking sites where they constantly upload pictures of them together.

Recently, Dorfman even tweeted that she couldn't wait to be Mrs Murray. "Some days (everyday really) I just can't wait to get Murray'd @jmurbulldog," she wrote.

But several sources have come forward to note that the couple is constantly fighting, and it won't be long before they call it quits. She also allegedly finds Murray controlling and jealous.

"Josh can be controlling and jealous," an insider told Life & Style magazine. "He's very insecure about the relationship, and even more so after watching everything unfold on TV and seeing Andi tell other guys she's in love with them."

"She's a fiercely independent person and loves going out with her friends," the insider added. "At first, she thought his jealousy was cute, but now that they're not hiding their relationship, he's jealous all the time and I'm not sure how cute she's finding it."