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Hotel Mumbai has been impressing all and sundry with its heart wrenching trailer. As Dev Patel and Anupam Kher get together to imbue a lease of life into the gruesome act of terror on Mumbai, members of the film fraternity are all praises for the film's trailer.

For most of India, the incident itself was a horrifying event that the country was witness to on November 26, 2008. The film directed by Anthony Maras is a retelling of the fateful night but the film takes in the narrative of the staff present at the Taj Mahal Hotel that was attacked by the gunmen. It celebrates the spirit of the many unsung heroes of 26/11 whose names haven't got their real due.

Ananya Panday
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Ananya's reaction

The newest to shower the film with love is the fabulous Ananya Pandey. She said, "I watched the trailer of Hotel Mumbai, it gave me goosebumps throughout the runtime, the events of 26/11 were one of the most gruesome chapters in India's history. The movie is a tribute to all those brave heroes who did their part and helped save as many lives as they could and this movie is an ode to their bravery."

Hotel Mumbai trailer

Anupam Kher and Dev Patel's take on the film

In an interview to PTI, Anupam Kher had earlier said, "It's a courageous film. In a business where you want to make movies where everything is hunky-dory, it's important to make a film on this subject. The religion of humanity is much more important than anything else. Cinema is a great tool, not necessarily for your own catharsis, laughter, sadness, tears but it's also an important platform for the audience to have a little more compassion for the victims."

Dev Patel had told IANS, "The film for me is about the unlikely heroes of this hotel. The beauty of this story is that those staff of the hotel to whom you may not even give a second look brings out their humanity. And it was really these people who put their lives on the line to save their guests. Because for them this hotel was their home, it was sacred to them."