After Meera Chopra, yet another celebrity has received a rape threat online. Model Alanna Panday, cousin of actress Ananya Panday, has opened up on a cyber-bullying story on her Instagram account.

Ananya Panday's Cousin Alanna in Bikini
Ananya Panday's cousin Alanna.Alanna Panday Instagram

It occurred a few months ago, but Alanna Panday took the courage to speak about it only now. The shocking part of the story is that it is not perverts or 'sanskari' men who crossed all the limits, rather a woman. The model reveals that she blocked the person after reading the comment.

She wrote, "This happened months ago, I wish I had spoken about it sooner, but waking up and reading things like this just became normal to me-it's an everyday part of my life. Here's 1% of what I have to wake up and read everyday. [sic]"

Alanna Panday Opens Up
"I've had a women comment on my post saying I deserve to be gang raped because I posted a picture in a bikini.She then tagged my mother and father in the comment to make sure that they saw it too. I wish I had a screenshot but I was so shaken when I saw it I blocked her immediately and Instagram deleted the comment. When I went to her profile to block her I saw that she was married and had a daughter a little younger than me. I don't understand how you can wish that upon someone else's child. [sic]" The picture that Ananya's cousin shared read.

Alanna is the daughter of fitness expert Deanne Panday.

Commenting on her post, her mother wrote, "This is the same person who sent me messages saying I am bringing up my daughter in the wrong way and I should be ashamed .. that you are influenced by Bollywood so that's why you wear less clothes.She also said you have no assets .. so you wear these clothes for attention.She said a lot more as it's all on your previous Instagram post .. her nasty comments. [sic]"

Alanna Panday in Bikini
Alanna Panday, daughter of fitness expert Deanne Panday.Alanna Panday Instagram

Recently, actress Meera Chopra had received had received rape threats from the fans of Telugu star Junior NTR after she revealed that she liked Mahesh Babu's movies than their icon's flicks.