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Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently shooting on the sets for YRF's upcoming film Thugs of Hindostan in Jodhpur, was rushed to hospital on March 13 after his health deteriorated in the middle of the shoot.

According to reports, a team of doctors from Mumbai was immediately flown to Jodhpur to treat the 75-year-old actor. 

His condition is stable now and is currently resting in his hotel room in Jodhpur where media was allowed to enter the premises. 

Doctors have advised 1-day rest for the actor who fell sick because of heavy make-up and costume.

The entire cast and crew of Thugs of Hindostan including Aamir Khan are currently in Jodhpur for the shooting of the film.

Big B also took to his blog to inform his fans about being treated for his illness.

He wrote, "Ya .. so .. its 5 am .. the morning after the night that began yesterday .. for work .. some people need to work for a living .. and work hard ..

Its been rough .. but whenever did any be achieved without it .. there is struggle and disappointment and pain and sweat and tears .. then the expectation of all working out .. sometimes it does, most of the times not .. that not is the catalyst .. when they say not, it is the right impetus to say and deliver that it has been successful and achieved ..

continuation .. regularity .. perseverance .. good nature, shall all be available in several chapters of the 'gurus' that preach such .. but at times the practical leaks through and catches through to the peak .. many a victory has been had by the middle of the road person and temperament .. the class by the middle, the one unexpected .. the one not attentioned to .. they be the deliverer ..

we all are that .. in the largest of percentages .. and proud ..

in the darkness of the night .. the aesthetic beauty peers about the premise .. its majesty, abundant pristine and inspiring .. never shall it be truly known what transpired truly within those walls ..

there must be a secret .. a door to wisdom and perhaps the worldly wise .. nothing ever came disguised in incompetence .. it would never be the dignity and reserve of the surroundings .. they are because we made them so ,,

I am getting my team of Doctors in tomorrow morning to fiddle around with my body and set me up again .. i will rest and keep informed in process .."