Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin TendulkarReuters

Sachin Tendulkar's final test in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai has created frenzy among fans and has seen a similar wave among celebrities with varied reactions.

Tendulkar was dismissed at 74 runs, falling short of a fairytale century by 26 runs on Friday, against West Indies. Tweets kept pouring in with several hashtags #ThankYouSachin, #SRT200  #Wankhede trending the most.

Here are some of the top celebrity reactions giving an ode to the "God of Cricket" Sachin Tendulkar:

Abhishek Bachchan: #ThankYouSachin you have made it possible for us to say.... We come from the same land as the great SACHIN TENDULKAR. #SachinBestEver

Anupam Kher: GOD NEVER RETIRES.:) #ThankYouSachin

Amitbah Bachchan: "Out of country, getting updates on cricket via net .. just read Sachin out .. heart sank .. then rose on reading requests to declare, I tell you the Indian mind is the most inventive in the world .. "declare and get Sachin to bat again" .. ingenious !!

Priyanka Chopra: Sachin sir playing for the last time.. It's amazing how many wonderful memories he has given us over the years.

Javed Akhtar: Players will come and players will go but SACHIN THE GREAT  will keep making centuries in our memory

Shekhar Kapur: Two things #India's next generation wont have. Unpolluted Skies. And Sachin Tendulkar @sachin_rt #ThankYouSachin

Rolling Stones's Mick Jagger: Saluting you @Sachin_RT on your last Test match. Thanks for all the wonderful cricket you've shown us over the last 25 years, we'll miss you

Shreya Ghoshal : And it's a new beginning for the living legend.. There is still a lot of great cricket left in him.. #ThankYouSachin

Vishal Dadlani: The amazing thing is, I'm not even a cricket fan, and even I feel a sense of loss at Sachin's retirement. Can't imagine how the fans feel!

Richa Chadda: Thank you Mr Tendulkar. You inspire me no end... #thankyousachin #GodOfCricket.

Kunal Kohli: Whenever you think no more can be said about @sachin_rt you read something new.Like his batting,news/info about him interests you every time

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