Amitabh to Undergo Another Surgery?
“Not all is well” when it comes to Amitabh Bachchan’s health. Reuters

All is not well with Amitabh Bachchan when it comes to his health. The bollywood megastar has come down with a cold and fever due to the unpredicted weather and recently consulted a doctor.

Bachchan has been giving updates about his health since Saturday after a bad night. "Bad state of cold and chest cough .. hurts the surgery when I cough.. argh ! Travelling back to Mumbai now, medications on again.. !," he tweeted.

Early Monday morning, the actor said that he had come down with a fever but had to attend an award function. "Fever ! No not the Elvis number .. Me suffering with about 101 degrees .. But on the road to GQ Awards .. a commitment," he tweeted.

Bachchan earlier raised alarms about his health when he had undergone two abdominal surgeries earlier this year. Not wishing to worry his fans, the actor kept updating about his fans about his recent condition in his blog

"An awful night, coughing my lungs and stomach away... stomach which has surgical left overs and still in process of repair... pains with each expulsion... A quick visit to the doctor on arrival and the antibiotics and the syrups and the inhalation and the home remedies, a million of them, for, each individual has their own perfect formula of recovering from this," he wrote ealier.

Bachchan's twitter account is flooded with prescriptions for medication from fans who wish to see him up and running. The actor tweeted that he will go for a blood test on Sunday to see what is causing the pain.

After his abdominal surgeries Bachchan has made regular visits to the hospital to keep a check on his health condition.

"Its really quite amusing at times, but they all work - allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, privateopathic, generalopathic... Pathic from the person that you meet on the flight, your driver, your security, the departments at home, and the staff... visitors, guests... they all have remedies that 'will work miracles' or so they say never seems to work on this ol' man !!," he tweeted.