Director Arnesh Ghose of the recently-released short film "Offline" says the fact that the human race has become dependent on technology excites and worries at the same time.

The story of the short film, which dropped on the YouTube, revolves around a widow and her dead husband, with whom she still has a conversation.

Director Arnesh Ghose

"I had been spending quite some time thinking about the concept of 'Offline'. What really excited me and also worried me at the same time was the increased dependency that we as the human race have on technology and the kind of relationships that we have been forming with it. That's when I started developing the story of 'Offline". I have also always been inquisitive about the afterlife and death," said Ghose.

"The point is that people live on even after they are physically over. When someone dies their Facebook account, Instagram account, voice notes, messages, are still in our lives. Like in the film, Manvi, the female lead, is replaying the voice notes and it's so eery, to listen to someone's voice who has passed away. It's almost like a telephone call from the afterlife," the director added.