Over the course of the last few days, a campaign has been running demanding that the government do something about unemployment rates in the country at the moment. Especially in the times of COVID, the economy and the job market have collectively put the youth of the country at a disadvantage.

This has caused nationwide distress, however, a youth from Telangana attempted to immolate himself in Hyderabad. While police jumped into action to put out the flames and save the man, he made an appeal to the Telangana CM and government, in a video that has gone viral online. 

Man attempts to immolate himself

In a gory incident on Thursday, unemployed youth in Hyderabad, Telangana attempted to set himself on fire. The incident took place near Ravindra Bharathi, Nampally. Traffic cops had doused the flames and saved the man, but he sustained severe burns as seen in the video. 

While the youth still hasn't been identified, he can be seen in the video standing on the road making an appeal to the Telangana CM K Chandrashekar Rao. In the video, he is also heard saying that there is 'no food to eat and that people don't have jobs'. 

Youth attempts self-immolation in Hyderabad
Video of youth who attempted self-immolation in Hyderabad circulates online. (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter)@pranshantchiguru/Twitter

Many in Telangana have been demanding that something be done to help not only the man in the video but the unemployed youth in the country at the moment. The unemployment rate in India according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, as on 9th September was 7.8%. According to the CMIE, the unemployment rate in Telangana for the month of August 2020, was 5.8%. 

Currently, Congress has been running a campaign, 'Speak Up for Jobs' demanding that the government do something about the job situation in the country for the youth. The opposition is now putting pressure on the government to solve this issue.