Nepotism has become the new buzzword of late. With all the accusations and shaming online of those who seem to represent the nepotistic culture of Bollywood, it's been hard to find those who think it's not all black or white. 

Amidst the debate, a video clip from the Kapil Sharma Show has come to the notice of netizens. In this, director Rohit Shetty described how Sara Ali Khan came to his office and begged him with folded hands to take her in his film, he said it moved him to tears. The video is getting mixed responses from netizens.

Simmba, Ranveer Singh
Rohit Shetty, Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Karan Johar on the sets of Simmba in Hyderabad.Dharma Production, Twitter

Sara Ali Khan's struggle for a Rohit Shetty film furthers the nepotism debate

There's often an argument that star kids just don't struggle as much as those who come to the film industry from the outside. This argument has become stronger following Sushant Singh Rajput's death. The whole debate on nepotism is the unfair advantage some get over others due to connections and friends in the industry.

However, even as a witch hunt for the ones who've come to represent nepotism is being virtually carried out, new videos and clips are surfacing as the debate carries forward. A video of Rohit Shetty recounting how he cast Sara Ali Khan for Simmba from the Kapil Sharma Show caught the internet's eye. 

The director had said on the show, "I think my chief AD Sneha was there. I asked her who is Sara accompanied by. She told me that she has come alone. I wondered why she has come alone. I asked her to come inside the office. After that, this girl literally, I can reveal now that she has become a star. She folded her hands and began to desperately ask, 'Sir please give me work.' And don't forget that she was Saif Ali Khan's daughter. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's daughter comes alone walking to my office and then desperately begs for a role. It made me cry." He added later on, that neither Saif Ali Khan nor Amrita Singh had called the director about Sara before or even after that. 

Sara acted in Kedarnath alongside Sushant Singh Rajput, the actress by virtue of being Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's daughter has always been put under the category of those who've not had to struggle. Of course, while the struggle for an insider and outsider is markedly different, the actress did get the first chance on her own merit. 

Netizens however are not having any of it, while some do see it as a change in the right direction, others feel this capitalises the debate. 

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We'll have to see where this debate reaches.