On December 3, the United States witnessed a record number of coronavirus positive cases, as the numbers soared up to 2,18,576. On the same day, more than 2,900 deaths were recorded in the country, an all-time high since the first pandemic case was reported in the United States.

As the number of positive cases in the country started surging in the country, Times reporter Mike Baker, pointed out another grim contextualization after analyzing the figures on December 02. 

One death in every 30 seconds
On December 02, 2,885 deaths were reported in the United States, which means one American is losing his life due to the coronavirus pandemic every 30 seconds. He also noted that this death rate is more than the total death toll that happened in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. 
Creatives coronavirus
Shockingly, the average number of coronavirus positive cases in the United States last week was 1,61,448, and this figure is nearly 2.5 times the summer peak in July. As the daily positive cases in the United States started crossing 2,00,000 in the past couple of days, experts predict that the healthcare system in the country will be compromised in the coming days, as more than 1,00,000 people are being hospitalised. 
White House issues warning to states
In the meantime, the White House Task Force has issued a warning to all the states in the country and has requested each state to adopt effective measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. In a report sent to states, the White House Task Force warned that patient care could be compromised if cases started increasing every day. 
The recent developments in the United States indicate that the prediction made by Anthony Fauci around a few months back is turning true. Fauci had previously predicted that the coronavirus pandemic in the United States is a perfect storm with no end in near sight. Even though the administration of vaccines could help to reduce the number of patients to a great extent, medical experts believe that strict social distancing measures along with the usage of face masks should be followed at least for the next three months to keep COVID-19 at bay.