'America's Next Top Model' contestants have to brace for yet another gruelling shoot. In episode 7 titled 'The Guy Who Acts a Fool' hopeful models will have to bring out their sun tan lotions because their next assignment takes place on the beach.

If you want to know what exactly is asked of the cast, well, they will have to take part in a make out scene with another participant. Nevertheless, before the shoot actually takes place, their acting skills will be tested in order to find the right chemistry.

Well, this obviously means that Justin and Mame will get together for the next task, right? The answer is no.

In the preview clip for episode 7, Mame's rumoured boyfriend is paired with Hadassah. The scenes depicted in the promo indicate that Justin and the model from Maryland have a chemistry that rivals and easily earns the jealousy of other couples.

However, will this racy photoshoot put a break on Justin and Mame's relationship? In the preview, Mame says, "I could definitely see myself falling in love with him. But lately he has been pulling back."

Perhaps viewers may not see much of Justin and Mame together anymore. Justin said that he doesn't want to get too close to anyone.

Previously, Ava Capra exited the show after failing to impress judges in episode 6, "The Girl Who Gets Possessed."

"America's Next Top Model" Cycle 22, episode 7 airs on Wednesday at 8pm on The CW.

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