The top seven contestants of "America's Next Top Model" have been put through quite a few gruelling tasks. But their challenge in episode 9 proved to be the most difficult.

Contestants who were eliminated returned to the show and had a fair shot at winning their spot again. Episode 9 ended with a cliffhanger and it is not yet known who is eliminated between Devin and Justin.

So far, Devin has amazed the judges, especially Tyra Banks, who said that the model has "weird, strange, odd, but amazing personality". He even emerged as the winner in one of the challenges but his luck seems to have run out. In episodes 7 and 8, he was at the bottom of the list and the judges didn't seem to be impressed with his skill in the episode 9.

Perhaps his contemporary, Justin managed to overtake Devin in order to secure his place in the competition. If he has, he will take part in a video for Tyra Banks' new beauty product line.

The official synopsis for episode 10 reads: "The models shoot a music video for Tyra's new beauty line and former contestant Don Benjamin makes an appearance. At the photoshoot, the guys and girls have to pose mid-air."

In the promo for episode 10, titled "The Girl Who Became Bootyful", the contestants travel to Las Vegas to film Tyra's music video. Although Hadassah and Mikey share a kiss, the pageant model struggles to make an impression on the judges. Lacey, who has been on a winning streak, says, "That's Vegas for you."

"America's Next Top Model" cycle 22 episode 10 airs on Friday, 9 October at 9pm on The CW. You can watch the epiosde online via CWINGO.

Watch the preview clip here: