"America's Got Talent" Season 11 has reached the final stage of the show, and the competition has turned fierce. In the meantime, viewers are left disappointed as some of their favourite acts have been eliminated in the semifinals.

Jayna Brown performed "Rise" by Katy Perry on Tuesday, and it was one of the neat performances of the night. Judges showered her with praises and the audience seemed to agree with them, but the end result was different. She was sent home on Wednesday after losing out to Linkin' Bridge.

Another elimination that could leave many shocked was ouster of rubik's cube magician, Steven Brundage, who put up an impressive act in the semifinals. All the four judges and host Nick Cannon were impressed with his performance, but he was shown the doors on Wednesday.

The shocking elimination of Jayna Brown and Steven Brundage comes after Deadly Games, The Edgar and Malevo were sent off in the semifinals 1.

Starting the night, host Nick Cannon announced that Sofie Dossi, Steven Brundage and Viktor Kee were "on the bubble" before calling out The Clairvoyants, Kadan Bart Rockett, and The Passing Zone. As expected, The Clairvoyants were declared winner.

Up next in the elimination round were Brian Justin Crum, Kadie Lynn, and Calysta Bevier. America voted through Brian Justin Crum. Then Jayna Brown and Linkin' Bridge were placed against each other, and only one could move to the finals. Linkin' Bridge was announced winner.

With only two more slots left be filled, it was obvious that one of the three acts -- Sofie Dossi, Steven Brundage or Viktor Kee – will be sent home. As expected, Sofie Dossi was through via Dunkin' Save. However, there was confusion after the four judges -- Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B -- split their votes 2-2 between Steven Brundage and Viktor Kee. So, their fate was placed before America again, and Viktor Kee came out victorious.

Looking back at the "America's Got Talent" Season 11 semifinals 2 performances, Calysta Bevier (Singer), Kadan Bart Rockett (Illusionists), Kadie Lynn Roberson (Country Singer), and The Passing Zone (Comedic Jugglers) failed to live up to the expectations, so they deserve to leave the competition, but not Jayna Brown and Steven Brundage who impressed everyone with their performances on Tuesday.