The live performances of America's Got Talent 2015 (AGT 2015) Season 10 finale were impressive with the 10 finalists giving their best to win the $1 million prize.

So who do you think will win America's Got Talent title?

It's not easy to choose one from among the bunch of talents. Unending praises of the judges - Mel B, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Heidi Klum – doesn't make things any easier. On top of that, the audience is unpredictable this season with some of the most promising acts being sent home in the semi-finals through their votes.

Oz Pearlman (Mentalist) wooed the audience by correctly guessing the envelope the judges would not choose, get the colours of the chairs on which the judges sat right and the revealing the names they would swear on. It was very impressive, but was that good enough to win AGT title? Not sure.

Uzeyer Novruzov (Ladder acrobat) took the stage despite the injury he suffered in his previous performance and wooed everyone once again. He climbed a few stairs with the unsupported ladder, which was great, but ended with a hanging ladder looking so ordinary for his talent. He would have got everything on his side had he performed on the tall ladder he used in the semi-finals. Don't know if America will vote him as winner.

Benton Blount (Singer) wooed everyone with his rendition of One Direction's "Story Of My Life." It was no doubt beautiful and portrayed his life journey well. It would have been better if the song was more mature sans "boy band" tone. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful rendition but it is to be seen if it was good enough to beat the rest.

Gary Vider (Stand-up comedian) joked about North Korea clearing his debt to Ryan Gosling, and his Jewish heritage. It was funny but not hilarious. You expected him to make you open your mouth for a few minutes in laughter, at least in anticipation of some good stuff, but his joke turned out to be a little dry.

Piff the Magic Dragon (Magician) was not impressive in his final act. His trick fell flat when a person was seen exchanging Mr Robot Piffles with the real Mr Piffles after being shot from a cannon. Don't know if viewers noticed it but edge of the white cloth the magician used to cover Mr Piffles spoiled it all. In fact, even the cracking of nut towards the end looked farce after that goof up.

Paul Zerdin (Ventriloquist) put up a good show, ensuring that judges and audience smiled throughout his act. However, he messed up a little by bringing in three puppets, making things complicated.

The CraigLewis Band (Singers) beautifully rendered The Four Seasons' "Beggin'". It was so soulful and mesmerising that they deserve to win the title. The audience loved their performance and judges gave them a standing ovation but not sure if America will choose a singer as the winner.

Derek Hughes (Magician) seemed to have run out of tricks as his act in the finals turned out to be boring. The rope cutting act was pretty ordinary, at least for a finalist. Towards the end of his performance, he made Howard Stern cut the rope and then joined it but it was not very impressive.

Stevie Starr (The Professional Regurgitator) nailed it in the finals. He swallowed four thump pins and a magnet before bringing out three pins along with the magnet as said by the judges and later the one pin. He then stunned everyone by sucking in gas, blew it into a bubble and let host Nick Cannon lit it, causing an explosion. It was mindblowing. He deserves to win the title.

Drew Lynch (Stand-up comedian) once again put up a good performance. He joked about how he confused his girlfriend when he first gave her his phone number. He ended up giving lots of numbers being a severe stutter. He is funny, charming and can make fun of himself. He has good chance of winning the title being a fan favourite.

Going by the performances in the finale, Stevie Starr (The Professional Regurgitator) should be the winner, or may be Drew Lynch, or even The CraigLewis Band. But it's the audience who will choose the winner through their votes at the end of the day.