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"The Americans" Season 4 plot is getting intense and is keeping fans gripped about Martha's future in the series. The last couple of episodes focused on how she has got to know many things about Clark. It looks like she has now become a liability to Gabriel, Elizabeth and everyone involved in the operation. Will episode 7 end with her death?

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In episode 6 we saw how Philip extracted Martha from the field. He, she and Gabriel stayed in a safe house while she adjusted and the proper arrangements were made to extradite her out of the country. However, Martha grew wary, and left the house, against Gabriel's command. Meanwhile, Stan and Aderholt further unravelled Martha and Clark's truth, and presented the discovery to Gaad.

In episode 7 we will see how both the FBI and KGB will compete to try and find an important agent. According to the synopsis, "stakes are raised" when the two teams race against times.

Meanwhile, speculations are running wild that Martha may die in the upcoming episode as she knows too much — she knows Philip is with the KGB, Elizabeth is involved and what Clark's face looks like without a disguise. Some reports have also suggested that a call between Martha and Clark will get tapped and that Stan and the FBI will learn things about Clark.

"Travel Agents" will also throw light on Gabriel's worry about the entire operation getting exposed if the FBI gets to Martha. And to avoid this, Gabriel may go to the extent of eliminating Martha.

Will Martha die in "Travel Agents?" We will have to wait and watch.

Plot synopsis for "Travel Agents" (via TV Guide) reads: "Stakes are raised as the KGB and the FBI race to track down an agent."

"The Americans" Season 4 episode 7 "Travel Agents" will be aired Wednesday, April 27, 10 p.m. on FX.