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"The Americans" Season 4 is all set to unravel some secrets. While in the last couple of episodes we saw the Jennings dealing with issues of Glanders and how to handle Pastor Tim and his wife, in episode 6 we will see how Martha will become a liability to the spies.

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In episode 5, we saw Hans reported that Martha is being tailed and this caused suspicion and unease throughout the KGB. Philip was unnerved with the news and its consequences, and decided to cut all communications with her to keep her safe. But it looks like Martha is getting into deeper trouble as the FBI suspicion against her grows stronger in the next episode.

In episode 6, we will see how Martha has become more of a liability to the Jennings. But the synopsis of the episode teases that she will have to face a truth that she has been denying and something will happen that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, some shocking developments at William's workplace may force the Jennings to deal with a biological war.

The promo of "The Rat" shows how the FBI is trying to reach Martha, but her phone goes to voicemail, even as she watches her telephone constantly ringing. FBI Agent Stan figures out that something's not right, while Philip realises that she is in danger. The clip also shows that a mysterious man visits Martha, and Gabriel telling him that what he did was wrong.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode will also focus on Pastor Tim and his wife, who on Elizabeth's protests are still alive. The episode will show how the spies plan a different approach to silence Tim. Instead of threatening him, the Jennings had him speak to their friend Father Rivas, who told him how Philip and Elizabeth actually saved his life from death squads in El Salvador. This story convinced Tim that the spies will not hurt people. And to win his complete confidence, the Jennings will get more involved in the church.

Plot synopsis for "The Rat" (via TV Guide) reads: "Martha faces the truth and new developments surface in William's work, forcing Jennings to face the realities of a biological war."

"The Americans" Season 4 episode 6 "The Rat" will be aired Wednesday, April 20, 10 p.m. on FX.