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"The Americans" Season 4 plot is getting really violent and intense with every episode. And now, with a possible Glanders outbreak and Tim having learnt the truth about the Jennings, it looks like the Russian government will take charge of the situation in episode 4.

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In episode 3, we saw Philip and Elizabeth met Tim to find out how likely he is to expose them and they learnt that the Pastor had told his wife Alice about Paige's confession. The Jennings then told this to Paige who feels betrayed by Tim. Then, Philip attempted to coach his daughter on how to work Tim to maintain the secret, but Paige wasn't convinced.

This is when Philip, Elizabeth, Gabriel and Claudia, weighed their options of killing Tim or extracting the agents. Gabriel suggested that they will take their kids on a vacation to the EPCOT amusement park, during which separate KGB operatives will kill Tim. Philip seemed unconvinced as he felt that his daughter Paige will still suspect them.

And just as they were set to get the plan rolling, the Jennings discovered Gabriel is infected with Glanders, which he most likely passed on to them. They retrieved William, infecting him as well, and he provided vaccines, but explained that all of them must remain quarantined in Gabriel's apartment for the next 36 hours, leading to cancellations of the vacation.

This week, in episode 4, it is expected that the Soviet higher-ups will find out about Gabriel and will try to get the situation in control – not just about Glanders outbreak, but also getting Tim killed. It is expected that the Russian hitmen could very well be on their way to kill Tim because the shots are now called by the government and nothing is in the hands of the Jennings, who were sceptical about killing Tim.

So, will Tim be killed in episode 4 and will the Jennings finally bounce back? We will have to wait and watch.

Plot synopsis for episode 4, "Chloramphenicol," (via TV Guide) reads: "Patriotism is tested after a flaw during a mission puts Philip, Elizabeth, William, and Gabriel in danger while Nina puts her life on the line back in Russia."

"The Americans" Season 4 episode 4, "Chloramphenicol," will be aired on FX 10 p.m. Wednesday, April 6.