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"The Americans" Season 4 kicked off on a violent note with a series of bad news and a death for the Jennings couple. The Soviet spies Philip and Elizabeth continue to hide their real KGB identities, but at the end of episode 2, they realised that their daughter Paige had discovered the secret and had revealed it to her friend Pastor Tim. Now, the episode 3 of FX's spy series will see the repercussions of the same.

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In episode 2, Elizabeth finally discovered that her daughter Paige had told Tim about their work. And while they tried to figure how to manage this situation, Philip got caught in a failed mission due to which, he was left holding a lethal pathogen called Glanders at their home. The couple had no choice but rely on their handler Gabriel to ensure that the Glanders is taken out of their home.

In episode 3, Philip and Elizabeth will be seen working on some damage control even as they meet Tim to understand what Paige told him. The promo of "Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow" shows the Jennings couple confronting Tim about Paige's confession and he vaguely, yet in a threatening tone, tells them that he is aware of what spies do. This leaves the couple quite intimidated. They are also seen asking him if anyone else knows about their work. At the end of the clip, we see Paige asking her parents if other people are hurt due to the things that they do.

Even the synopsis of the upcoming episode teases that Paige is finding it hard to cope with the challenge of keeping her family's background a secret. She has not yet come to terms with the truth that she has discovered.

Now, since Pastor Tim knows a little too much about the Jennings, will Philip and Elizabeth kill him to silence him and protect Paige? We will have to wait and watch.

Plot synopsis for episode 3 (via TV Guide) reads: "Paige faces new burdens due to her family's secret and Philip and Elizabeth try to keep their cover without destroying their daughter."

"The Americans" Season 4 episode 3, "Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow," will be aired on FX 10 p.m. March 30.