"American Ultra", the latest stoner movie from Hollywood, has Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart in the leads. Since the movie has a delayed release date in India, speculations are abuzz that the lead actors will come to the country for promotions and a special screening.

Stewart and Eisenberg's arrival has been speculated, thanks to the success of blockbusters like "Mission Impossible" and "Furious-7", which were hugely successful in India. If the plan materlises, it would be their first visit to India.

Before the movie hits Indian theatres on Friday, 28 August, we have done a round-up of reviews, so that you can make an educated decision.

The New York Times: "In 'American Ultra,' Jesse Eisenberg Is a Stoner and a Target"

Some of the many, many promotional spots for "American Ultra" make it seem like more of a comedy than it is. That's not said as a criticism, just a warning. If you go, expect a diverting summer action adventure with occasional laughs, not a diverting stoner comedy with occasional action.

 CBC News: "American Ultra sees Jesse Eisenberg go from dazed to deadly"

Infusing the covert agent genre with a bit of that Cheech and Chong vibe gives American Ultra a deliriously off-kilter energy, says CBC film reviewer Eli Glasner.

Indy Week: "Jesse Eisenberg is more Zuckerberg than Bourne in American Ultra"

American Ultra tries to be a slacker romance, a dark comedy and an ultra-violent action thriller, but inelegant tonal shifts and slapdash production keep it from ably accomplishing any genre.


On the plus side, Eisenberg and Stewart have great chemistry together. Despite their relationship seeming like a highly improbable one, when Mike and Phoebe are on screen together the audience is pulling for them to somehow live through the night.

"American Ultra", directed by Nima Nourizadeh and written by Max Landis will hit Indian theatres on 28 August.