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"Everything is fair in the world of love and war"

Looks like American rapper, Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka The Game is taking this seriously. He recently took to Instagram and uploaded a snippet of the verses from his upcoming song where he goes on to reveal some intimate details about Kim Kardashian, pre-supposedly the time when they both were a pair. And, honestly he does not even care about what the consequences are.

The Game
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The lyrics go, "I held Kim Kardashian by her throat, n***! I made her swallow my kids until she choke n***! I should apologize cause Ye my folks, n***"

The above lines are pretty graphic provided and they are definitely going to attract Kanye' attention and what better way to make news than seeking Kanye's attention and making some news. This is a weird stance that The Game is taking provided he stood for Kanye West and his wife before in "Heaven's Arm's" he had rapped, "Kanye with Kim now, I'm happy for that n****/ Disrespect him or his wifey, I'll slap you for that n****."

Sources close to TMZ had revealed that, before releasing the snippet, Game had made his close friends and business partners listen to the song and all of them had asked him to cut the line, fearing that it will cause an unnecessary 'ferocious reaction' from Kanye West.

They had also asked him to make Kanye listen to it at least but, The Game decided to play games without informing him and dropping that snippet.

Elsewhere, Kanye West has previously taken on Drake and Nick Cannon for publicly talking and rapping about Kim Kardashian in compromising manner. While Nick Cannon in an interview had talked about Kim's body saying, "That white girl got a**!!"

And as for Drake, Kanye took down one of his songs, "In My Feelings", where one of the lyrics take the name of KiKi, to which Kanye said that he wouldn't rap about a girl named RiRi.

Kanye West has also filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z's recording company, Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam and the Sony/ATV – owned EMI Music Publishing alleging that the companies have illegally used his works. He is seeking remuneration both monetary and "transfer of property."

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