The BTS members are rehearsing on the American Music Awards stage.AMA

The 45th annual American Music Awards (AMA) will kick-start with a live broadcast from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, in a few hours. The most awaited performance of this year is by the popular K-Pop boy band BTS.

The young Korean heartthrobs and BTS members, including Rap Monster, Jimin, V and Suga, have already said that they are "ready" to entertain all their fans from across the globe with their performance.

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Where to watch BTS performance at AMA live online?

The seven-member boy band, who are also known as Bangtan Boys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Beyond The Scene and Bangtan Sonyeondan, will be performing their latest hit DNA on stage during the annual event.

In the US, the award show will be broadcast live on ABC. The South Korean fans can watch the event live on Mnet. For Indian BTS Army, they can tune in to Vh1 at 6.30 pm IST to see the live onstage performance of their favourite K-Pop group.

Meanwhile, band member Kim Tae Hyung, who is popularly known by his stage name V, admitted that it's like a "dream come true" for him to perform at AMA.

"I mean, AMAs, like, we watched the videos on YouTube when we were like 15, 13, so we cannot believe that we have our first time ever U.S. televised debut on the American Music Awards. It is going to be, I think, a new opportunity to reach out to the new fans and show them that our music and performances is something [they] can relate to, even if it's in Korean," BTS leader Rap Monster added.

The young Korean heartthrobs were interacting with Denny Directo on the popular talk show The Daily Denny.