In its latest propaganda video, ISIS has featured jihadi fighters from US,France and Germany.
In its latest propaganda video, ISIS has featured jihadi fighters from US,France and Germany.YouTube Screenshot

In its most recent video message, ISIS has warned President Barack Obama that the group will chop off the heads of every American, French or any other soldier from any country, who steps into Iraq. 

The latest video released by the ISIS titled 'Wait, We are also Waiting' features Islamic State militants from the US, France and Germany. In the course of the 9.14 minute video, each ISIS militant takes turn to warn the US, France and Germany against coming to Iraq and Syria.

The video was posted on YouTube by the ISIS media cell, but was removed later. (View Archived ISIS Video - Wait, We are also Waiting here.)

The militants claim that they were speaking from Dabiq, a Syrian town which as per Islamic mythology will be the final battle ground during the apocalypse.

Speaking first, the Islamic State fighter from the US says: "We are waiting for you in Dabiq, We are waiting for you in Iraq. Bring a coalition of unbelievers, the puppet apostates, they can't help you the least."

"We take their weaponry as booties and these people will die," he says. "I know this, You can't come into Sham, You can't come into Iraq and take it."

The ISIS fighter then goes on to threaten American and says that the group will eventually put the Black flag of Islam on White House.

Commenting on the US-coalition bombings, he adds, "The bombs that you drop on us will not divert from our plans, it only strengthens us."

Speaking after him, an ISIS fighter from France calls the French President Francois Hollande a 'swine.'

"We know you have spent and lost millions on destroying Islam. But a time is coming, when Allah will put a new respect in your heart, but before that a great defeat will befall you," the ISIS fighter from France says in the video.

He is then followed by an ISIS fighter from Germany, who dares America, Germany, Australia, the Dutch or anyone to come and fight the group in Iraq. "Come, we have been waiting for you for 1,400 years," he says.

The German ISIS fighter then goes on to call US President Barack Obama and German chancellor Angela Merkel 'filthy liars.'

He concludes by calling on all Muslims from France, Germany and Switzerland to come to Dabiq to join forces to fight for the final battle to establish an Islamic Kingdom.