American Idol XIV 2015
American Idol XIV 2015Screenshot from American Idol YouTube Video

American Idol XIV 2015 is not without dramatic elements. Judge Jennifer Lopez ends up slapping a young contestant after he alleges that she cheated on him with Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

It all starts with 22-year-old Samuel Prince from Puerto Rico bursting into the room and tells Jennifer Lopez that she cheated on him with Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. Jennifer slaps him in a rage of anger that sends him to the floor.

Well, that's what the promo of American Idol XIV San Francisco audition says.

It's not a serious fight though and the judges seem to like Samuel's acting skills. Then the contestant starts doing what he is supposed to do – sing. He performs "As Long As You Love Me."

Is he as good at singing as his acting? Is he given ticket to Hollywood? What American Idol XIV San Francisco auditions on Wednesday, 28 January at at 8/7c PM on FOX.

The American Idol Season 14 auditions started getting aired on 7 January with Ryan Seacrest continuing as the host, and Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. returning to the judging panel.

Auditions at Minneapolis, New Orleans, Long Island, and Nashville have already being aired in the last few weeks.

Last week's auditions at Minneapolis and New Orleans saw dozens of contestants namely, Shannon Berthiaume, Morgan Ovens, Gabrielle Noe'l, Courtney Guns, Vanessa Andrea, Zach Johnson, Aaron Bissell, Cindy Jo Scholer, Matt, Jacob Tolliver, Hanna Mozrak, Mark Andrew, Jelly Joseph, Tiffany Stringer, Greyson Turner, Quentin Alexander, Mikey Duran, Ricky Hedricks, Dakota Suarez, Adam Lasher, and Erica Washington getting golden ticket.