Tyanna Jones performs on American Idol XIV 2015
Tyanna Jones performs on American Idol XIV 2015Screenshot from American Idol YouTube Video

American Idol XIV 2015 has entered the exciting phase, as American public will decide who among the top 24 contestants go to the next round through their votes based on the contenders' performances.

Judges - Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. - have nothing much to do from now on except passing their views on the performances of the contestants, as the qualifiers will be selected based on the number of votes they get from Americans. So, voting is essential to ensure that one's favorite candidate stays in the competition.

Here are five ways to vote for your favorite contestant:

1) Vote via telephone: Each contestant is given a toll-free number. Viewers can call this number to vote for their favorite contestant. Only 20 votes per contestant are accepted per mobile phone number within a valid vote window.

2) Vote via mobile sms: One can cast vote by texting the number of a contestant to 21523. The numbers allotted to each candidate is mentioned on their official Twitter accounts and the show's Twitter account. A confirmation message will be sent back after voting is done. Text HELP for help and STOP, QUIT, CANCEL, END or UNSUBSCRIBE to cancel. Restriction of voting from mobile phones is provided on American Idol official website. 

3) Vote via "SuperVote" on Facebook: Facebook account holders can vote for their favorite candidate on AMERICAN IDOL XIV Facebook page and American Idol vote page on Fox.

4) Vote via Fox Now App: Devices with compatible Android or iOS can vote through FOX NOW App, which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store. However, people voting via App should have a Facebook account.

5) Vote via Google search: The easiest way to vote for your favorite candidate is search "American Idol Vote" or "Idol Vote" using Google Search. Google Voting Module will appear along with images of the contestants.