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Katy Perry left teary-eyed on the sets of American IdolYouTube/American Idol

An American Idol contestant left Katy Perry impressed by coming out on national TV as gay. Jorgie, 23, who grew up 'ashamed' of his sexual orientation in a conservative family in Israel, is no longer ashamed of himself.

His confidence blossomed after moving to Los Angeles five years ago and he decided to finally come out in the most public way possible. "My family doesn't know that I'm gay, so this is a really big step for me," Jorgie said before his audition with his band Jorgie And The Orgies. "I'm here today to celebrate who I am and to end that era of being in the closet – because it's not fun. I'm ready."

When asked if his father was aware of his orientation, Jorgie confessed that he does not know anything about him. Jorgie recalls how his family used to encourage him to be more masculine while growing up and how his life changed once he moved to Los Angeles.

"I used to be so ashamed and questioned why did God make me this way," he said. "But now if you give me a choice of being anything else than what I am I would say no." He further admitted how Katy Perry has been one of his "biggest inspiration" saying, "Listening to I Kissed A Girl and knowing that it could be mainstream – that helped me so much."

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He even went ahead and impersonated Katy by singing her California Gurls, with the star asking, "Do I sound like I yodel? Is that my signature sound?" "Spot on," Luke Bryan, 42, teased her, with Katy then doing a deliberately bad impression of him in revenge.

Jorgie left the judges stunned with his performance of a moving original, Heaven, about a guy who never approached his crush because he was not out yet – with Jorgie admitting that the guy was Jeffrey.

After the performance, Katy exclaimed, "You're real! You've got a real emotional voice." She later added that the band name Jorgie And The Orgies "doesn't sound serious and you just gave us serious pro."

"You have a real chance of being your dream," she told him, hugging him as he got three yeses and telling him: 'We love you just the way you are."