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The theme for Season 6 of Facebook/American Horror Story

Season 6 of FX's "American Horror Story" is still a mystery. There hasn't been much information regarding the theme of the upcoming instalment of the horror drama and the only detail that was revealed was that children will play a crucial role in Season 6.

Talking about the show at this year's PaleyFest, showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed that they were working on two plots and both the ideas involved children. "If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying," he explained, according to E!Online.

This gave rise to various theories about Season 6 being set up in an orphanage, a summer camp or a boarding school. And according to Christian Times, the new logo is a crucial clue. The logo features a red "6" on a pitch black background and the bottom of the number drops down to form a question mark. The publication speculates that the brains behind the series are hinting at an anti-Christ plot for Season 6. Supporting the theory, Christian Times noted that "American Horror Story: Murder House" featured the birth of the anti-Christ, and this storyline is yet to be revisited.

Meanwhile, the boarding school theory has also been gaining a lot of momentum, as the previous season saw John Lowe sending his daughter away to a boarding school so she could lead a normal life. He mentioned sending her away to the Thatcher School, the same place where Will Drake's son is studying, and many fans believe that the school's name was specifically mentioned because the next season would be set there.

At this point, all these are mere speculations. More details about the plot are expected to be revealed during this year's San Diego Comic-Con, which will be held later this month.

"American Horror Story" will return for Season 6 on Sept. 14. The returning cast includes Sarah Paulson, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, Angela Basset, Leslie Jordan, Lady Gaga.