American Horror Story
Pictured: The poster of Season 6 of Facebook/American Horror Story

Season 6 of American Horror Story has aired two episodes, but it's still somewhat a mystery as viewers are yet to connect the dots that link this season to the previous ones. But creator Ryan Murphy has solved that riddle.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy revealed that American Horror Story: Roanoke is connected to American Horror Story: Freak Show. As the season moves forward viewers will learn about Finn Wittrock's character Dandy Mott's family and how they have links to Roanoke.

Interestingly, Motts aren't the only ones who will be mentioned in Season 6. A good number of American Horror Story characters find their way back to Roanoke.

In addition to that, Season 6 is also connected to Season 1 of the show, as one of the villains of this season is the Piggy Man, who was first mentioned in the first season of American Horror Story.

As for the creepy element in Season 6, Murphy revealed that viewers will not want to miss episode 4.

"If you ever wanted to see how you do a human disemboweling, watch episode four and you'll learn a lot," Murphy told EW, adding that from episode 6 the show will take a new turn. "Starting in episode six the show has a huge turn, and the thing that you think you're watching is not what you're watching."

FX and the brains behind the show had gone to great lengths to keep viewers from finding out the theme for Season 6. But it looks like viewers are in for more surprises.

"Even though the subject matter has gotten out, it's irrelevant because nobody gets what we're doing," says co-creator Brad Falchuk. "No matter what you think it is, it's not that. Then, episode 6 comes and you're like, 'Wait! What happened?

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on FX.