Lady Gaga will star in American Horror Story: Hotel
Lady Gaga will star in American Horror Story: Hotel.Screenshot/Video

 'American Horror Story' which returns for season 5 sub-titled 'Hotel', will premiere in October 2015 and have a special new addition to the cast -- Lady Gaga.

The singer's addition would hopefully balance the expected decline in ratings following the departure of Jessica Lange, American Horror Story's fan for all four seasons. Lady Gaga's presence in the upcoming season has not only made her fans ecstatic but also celebrities who are attached to "AHS" and those that enjoy the show.

When Lady Gaga tweet-announced her joining the cast of "American Horror Story-Hotel', every regular cast members showed their support by retweeting it. She had posted, "I am so excited to be a part of American Horror Story's hardworking cast. A twisted fantasy. My favorite kind."

From series creator Ryan Murphy to regular actors Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, all celebrities associated with "AHS" posted Gaga's tweet. A few even added their personal messages of encouragement, like Peters, who said, "Gaga oo la laaa!"

Ecstatic fans also tweeted out happily. Fernanda Kelly (@ferkelly1) calls Gaga in AHS "heaven on earth", meanwhile Mariah Robison (@MariahPapayaXo) states that the news has given her a reason to be happy again. Sarah Litvin ‏(@LaSarah2013) addresses "#GagaAHSHotel" as "the best thing ever" and while the news led Lindsay Stanford (@lindsaystanford) to dance in joy, and further tweet, "Yes! Yes! Yes! *Home Alone dancing*"

Meanwhile celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres tweeted, '.@LadyGaga's gonna be on American Horror Story! Between that, the Oscars & getting engaged to Tony Bennett, she's having an incredible week." The comedian was of course, joking about the engagement to 88-year-old Bennett, with whom she made the collaborative album "Cheek to Cheek" recently.

Nevertheless, things are going the Gaga way, because she really did get engaged to actor Taylor Kinney on Valentine's Day 2015 and did get great feedback on her "Sound of Music" tribute at the Oscars and has earned a starring role in "American Horror Story Season 5 -Hotel" which will start airing episodes from October 2015.