Season 1 finale of "American Gothic" will be aired on Wednesday, Sept. 7
Season 1 finale of "American Gothic" will be aired on Wednesday, Sept. 7Facebook/American Gothic

The finale to the thrilling Season 1 of CBS show "American Gothic" will be aired on Wednesday, Sept. 7. In the two-episode Season 1 finale titled "Madame X" and "Whistler's Mother," the true identity of the killer in Hawthorne family is expected to be revealed, but not everyone will be breathing for Season 2.

The flashbacks from the previously aired Season 1 episode 11 "Freedom From Fear" had revealed some of the many skeletons hiding in the Hawthornes' closet. Now, the family members will feel the killer taunting them as they get closer to his or her identity. The season will end with the revelation of the killer because the series is created in the format of hit shows like FX's "American Horror Story" and ABC's "Secrets & Lies."

Each season is expected to feature a new sets of characters, an entirely different family and even a different timeline. And, although CBS is yet to renew "American Gothic" for Season 2, the chances of a new season are very high. 

Speaking to the Wrap, showrunner Corinne Brinkerhoff said, "... when I pitched it, it was that the first five or six seasons would be the same general idea, but each season would be a different family, different setting, different mystery.... That's the creative ideal for all of us ... the same universe, same playground, but to completely reinvent the family and the story, which we can do over and over again."

Meanwhile, don't forget to watch Season 1 episode 11 and 12 of "American Gothic," which will be aired at 10 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday. Sept. 7. You can also live-stream the episode via CBS Live. 

The official synopses for the finale episodes are:

Season 1 episode 12: Madam X

The Hawthornes seek police assistance as a killer taunts them; a shocking discovery about Alison's family emerges as she prepares for the election.

Season 1 episode 13: Whistler's Mother

As the family members gather for election day, they try to identify the killer in their midst, but one of them may not survive.