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The wait is finally over. American Gods premieres tonight and honestly, we cannot wait to watch Neil Gaiman's classic tale to come to life on Starz.

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After months of discussion, speculation and sneak peeks, the TV show that is being called the next Game of Thrones debuts to tell the story of Shadow Moon. With unique characters in place, this timeless piece will embark a road trip through different societies, people and lives to tell the story of the world today.

Using characters to metaphorically share what the world has become, the story of American Gods will watch the old gods fighting against the new gods. While the show premieres on TV now, TV critics have already called out the first episode as one of the best shows the year will see.

The first episode will introduce the protagonists of the show. The series will focus on the journey of 36030&w=560Shadow Moon and Mr Wednesday and obviously the first episode will show how they set off on the journey.

According to the synopsis shared by Starz, the first episode will watch Shadow released from the prison early following the news of his wife's death. After attending her funeral, he boards a plan to move on in life only to find Mr Wednesday offering him a job.

Wednesday introduces himself to Shadow and asks him if he would be interested in a job, his bodyguard. Understanding that this was more than that he has ever planned in life at the moment, he takes it up and embarks on an unimaginable journey.

The first episode unfolds each character at a time and rolls open one of today's most relevant stories. The show stands so relevant to the time today that even author Gaiman regrets that the piece stands as timeless. Reported by Wired, the author shared, "It's a book by an immigrant about what it means to come to this country."

And given today's condition in the US under the Trump leadership, he said, "I kind of wish the country had not moved to a point where people are saying we're the most important show. I would trade some of the politics and importance for a slightly more comfortable world to live in," he said.

Are you ready to set off on the chaotic journey and visit the American Gods?

Here's where you can begin it all:

When: April 30

Where: Starz

Air time: 9 PM EST, after The White Princess Episode 3

Where to watch/live stream online: Starz