American Bazaar Conclave 2014: Opportunities and Challenges in US Post-Recession
America Bazaar Online’s first ever conclave in Bangalore (India) successfully concluded on 1 February, shunning myths related to tight visa restriction and limited opportunities available in US post-recession especially in IT sector. American Bazaar Online

American Bazaar Online will be hosting its inaugural conclave in Bengaluru, India, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of Information Technology in the United States, especially in the post-recession period.

Ever since the IT boom in the early 1990s, India has been one of the world's leading software technology suppliers to the US. It is reported that between 2003 and 2011, India had sent more than 459,000 workers to the US under H-1B visa, which is 50-percent more than the total H-1B visas approved worldwide during the period.

However, the scenario changed dramatically after the US witnessed its worst recession in 2007. During the pre-recession period, more than 61,000 Indians used to get the H-1B visa, but the post-US economy crash saw the numbers nose-diving to less than half the number in 2009 and 2011, owing to growing demands for protecting the jobs of US citizens. In fact, Indian IT giant Infosys was accused of H-1B visa fraud last year and it paid a fine of $34 million (₹210.38 crore). The issue has called for the framing of new laws which are now awaiting approval from the US Congress.

Washington DC-based publishing company Global Media Holding Inc, will be holding the conference on 1 February 2014 to dispel the myths surrounding the tight visa scheme. The AB Conclave will be joined by top US and Indian industry leaders and speakers to give inputs on the challenges and tips to overcome such impediments.

The event will also focus on areas of technology, skills requirements and the need to capitalise opportunities available in the US market.

American Bazaar Online has roped in American top immigration law consultancy firm, Murthy Law Firm, to give legal counselling to those seeking H-1B and L-1 visas.

Top speakers at theAmerican Bazaar Business Conclave 2014* include:

-  Anirban Dey, Managing Director, SAP Labs India, Bangalore

-  Sheela Murthy, founder Murthy Law Firm, Baltimore, USA

-  Dr. Javad K. Hassan, Chairman, NeST Group, Washington, DC

-  Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Founder ReIgnite Strategy, Herndon, VA, USA

-  Manoj Sreenilayam, Senior VP, Get Real Health Consulting, Rockville, MD, USA

-  Jason Harmon, CTO & Founding Partner, Get Real Health Consulting, Rockville,MD,     USA


Matthan Hotel, Near Manipal Hospital,Old Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bengaluru-560017

(* International Business Times - India is a media partner of the event AB Conclave 2014)