Ameesha Patel
Actress Ameesha Patel with Mrinal, member of an event management company.Grab from Instagram video

Ameesha Patel, who is  struggling hard to get back to her normal game in Bollywood these days, is back in the news but for all the wrong reasons. Recently, she got heavily bashed for making a man apologise to her publicly and for posting its video on her Instagram page.

It so happened that Ameesha was supposed to visit Patna to attend an event on September 27. However, due to some mismanagement by the organisers, the actress had to change her plans. She posted a video on her Instagram apologising to her fans that she won't be able to make it to the event and blamed the event managers for the last-minute cancellation.  

Soon, Ameesha's post was flooded with messages from her fans who requested her not to miss the event and how badly they wanted her to come to the city. And the actress readily obliged to her fans' requests, but only after taking things a bit too far. She made a man, identified as Mrinal of an event management firm, apologise to her on a public platform for causing her great deal of inconvenience.

Ameesha Patel

In the video, Mrinal can be seen standing right beside Ameesha and apologising: "Now that everything has been rectified, I have said sorry to ma'am. She was very upset about the whole incident. So it took me some time to persuade her to come for the event because I was at fault for all the mismanagement. But madam has a big heart and never lets her fans down. And now she has agreed to come to Patna for the event."

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, Ameesha wrote, "As the client MRINAL has accepted his mismanagement and rectified his faults I have accepted 2 cum 2 meet my fans on the 27th September in Patna."

However, Ameesha's actions didn't go down well with a large section of social media users who slammed the actress left, right and center for humiliating the man. While many pointed out that she could've had the opportunity to be a bigger person by accepting his apology in private rather than taking it on to a public platform. Some called it tragic and cringe-worthy act.

Well Ameesha, that was definitely not in good taste.