Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV was unveiled on 2

Online retailer, Amazon has announced that it will be offering a new Amazon Fire TV to its customers that will allow them to stream video, music, movies, TV shows and photos. The Amazon Fire TV will also allow users to download and play apps and video games on the TV.

Amazon has taken cue of the latest developments in video game hardware with companies like Apple and Microsoft, who are increasingly trying to occupy the living room space.

The customers of Amazon Fire TV will get to make full use of its own new game controller, Dolby Digital Plus Certified surround sound and more.

Amazon has kept the software open for Android developers, so that they can optimize their app to help the user of Amazon Fire TV.

As a Gaming Device:

In the official blog, Mike Hines of Amazon has said that the company had envisioned the platform to be able to perform high for gamers. To that end, it has been designed to optimize HDTV displays and powers the apps demanded. The new platform makes use of -

1) Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon Krait 300 processor

2) 0.7-inch-thick box

3) Adreno 320 GPU, 400 MHz

4) 2GB of RAM

5) 8GB for Storage

6) Bluetooth 4.0

7) Amazon FireOS (Based on Android 4.2)

8) 802.11 b/g/n; 2x2 MIMO, Wi-Fi news

Amazon Fire TV will also be supporting variety of game controllers like a d-pad remote control and multi-function game controllers. The TV game controller was unveiled and customers can now buy it for $39.99 or 1,000 Amazon Coins.

It will not only help in playing, but can also be used to browse, watch movies, TV shows, music and more. The controller also has a dedicated button for access to Amazon's GameCircle social gaming service.

Users will get gaming titles like Asphalt 8, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Walking Dead and NBA 2K14.

Tower defense game, Sev Zero will be free with the controller. Amazon has said that there will be more than 100 games during the launch.

The controller has batteries that come up till 55 hours with features like auto-sleep and wake-up. The controller has dual analog sticks. The D-pad access will be via TV Remote.

(YouTube Courtesy: AmazonGameStudios)

 As a TV Device:

Amazon Fire TV will be getting Fire TV remote along with the platform. The remote has features like D-pad, easy movement inside the interface and many others.

It will offer customers on things to buy from their huge store of video library and will also offer streaming of TV shows, music and photos. The content for TV shows and others comes from established service providers like Hulu and Netflix.

The platform is also known to have a voice search function where users can call out the name of the movie they want and the results will show up on TV.

The full set with the platform and remote controls, will be costing $99.

Interested people can buy Amazon Fire TV here.

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