Yu Yureka
Yu Yureka Smartphone features Cyanogen Android OS and comes with an unlocked bootloaderYU

Amazon.in has announced an invite-only 'Exclusive Access Sale' of the YUREKA smartphone devices.

The sale is being hosted especially for contest winners and those who had booked the YUREKA earlier but were unable to purchase the phone due to extraneous issues. This sale will go live on Wednesday, 28 January from 2-3pm.

Only the following customers will be eligible to participate in the sale and will receive an invite email from Amazon.in:

  • Contest winners who have won the YUREKA as part of any contest that was hosted by YU across their social media channels.
  • Customers whose orders had to be cancelled when they purchased the YUREKA at MRP (₹12,499) instead of the sale price (8,999) during the first sale hosted on 13 January.
  • Registered users who were unable to purchase the YUREKA as their payments were declined.
  • Customers who received a defective or damaged YUREKA handset.

Yureka is the first device from YU to be launched with Cyanogen OS and get exclusive OTA firmware updates and support in India. YU smartphones also comes with an unlocked bootloader and it will also allow users to root their devices, without making the warranty void. 

The third YUREKA weekly sale will go live as scheduled on Thursday, 29 January on Amazon 2pm onwards for all customers who have registered themselves for this sale.