Amazon All-New Kindle Display
Amazon All-New Kindle DisplayIBTimes India

Apart from offering a vast collection of downloadable eBooks, Amazon also offers decent bundle of specification with each of their Kindle devices. Catering to consumers of various tastes, the Kindle devices also comes with a smart price tag and a decent price-to-specification ratio.

Amazon All-New Kindle 7th Generation features a touch screen display along with a few necessary utilities at a throw-away price. Priced at ₹5,999, the latest Kindle device offers something more than you can expect in its range.

To be specific, the latest Kindle is almost identical to the earlier Kindle Touch reader in a stunning price.

The latest Kindle features an all-black look with similar edges found in its older sibling. It also retains similar bevelled edges its predecessor has. It also retains similar 4GB in-built memory for archiving books and the similar six-inch display with 800x600 pixels resolution at 167 pixels per inch.

The 16-level greyscale E-Ink display feels a little weak on paper but in reality the specification is enough to produce crisp text for reading lengthy fictions at a stretch.

Keeping up to the expectation, the latest Kindle features a faster processor for producing a lag free reading experience. The touchscreen is responsive enough and is very intuitive like any modern-day tablet devices.

The touch display helps to manage the device in more ways. For example, surfing and buying books direct from the Kindle has become easier. You can also take notes on the Kindle or manage Wi-Fi passwords and manage your Kindle library flawlessly for the responsive touchscreen display.

The E-Ink displays have several benefits over the LCD and LED displays seen in all the smartphones and tablets. The E-Ink display never emits any light like the LED or LCD does hence the E-Ink screens are more comfortable to eyes. The E-Ink display technology also eats up less battery thus the devices with E-Ink displays are capable to provide several weeks of battery life.

Amazon All-New Kindle
Amazon All-New KindleIBTimes India

Talking about the design, the latest Kindle weighs 190g and feels light in hand. The minimalist design also helps to hold the device for hours without any problem.

The latest Kindle also features several useful additions by Amazon. We liked the FreeTime software feature where you can choose the books your child should read. According to the reading progress, the child can earn badges. The feature can also set daily reading time and block the web browser. The device also features some useful applications including vocabulary builder.

The home-screen features three books read most recently. However, you can set this by title and author too. The books covers also display the read amount through a progress bar. The interface also recommends you books according to your buying and reading habit.

With 4GB inbuilt storage, the latest Kindle can store thousands of book on the device itself. The books you buy are also archived by Amazon's cloud server so that you can download them in ad-hoc basis.

In our test, the device lasted for around 10 days with an average reading session of five hours every day. The battery will last more for them who prefers to read a couple of hours or so every day.

Only downside of the latest Kindle is that it omits the LED light, which helps you to read even in the dark. Otherwise the All-New Kindle 7th Generation is a best inexpensive e-book reader out there. If you're looking for a better-looking e-book reader, Kindle Paperwhite would be the best alternative for you.