Will Amazon's 3D Interface Smartphone Finally Debut Today?
Will Amazon's 3D Interface Smartphone Finally Debut Today? (Reuters)Reuters

Amazon's rumored 3D interface smartphone will reportedly make its debut in a few hours in the US.

The launch event will be hosted by the company chief Jeff Bezos at Seattle, USA today (on 18 June) at around 10:30 PDT (18:30 BST, UK/ 23:30 PM IST, India).

The company (via teaser video) has promised to announce a new device, which features never-before-seen before advanced technology. The 51-second clip has been thoughtfully edited to not to reveal any key specifications but has certainly succeeded in inciting excitement among tech enthusiasts and fans alike.

Amazon 3D interface based smartphone: What we know so far

According to numerous reports, Amazon's upcoming phone will not house heavy beefed up specifications that one can see in the current crop of flagship devices such as Samsung Galaxy S5 (and the new A-LTE variant), HTC One (M8), LG G3 or the Sony Xperia Z2, but the phone will be more in the line with the 2013 model Moto X, which boasted rich user experience.

But the Amazon device is said to be a league above the Motorola phone, in terms of technology like 3D interface, where users need not even have to wear a special 3D glass every time they operate the phone.

According to BGR, the Amazon 3D phone will house six cameras in total - one a primary 13.0-megapixel camera on the rear side and a standard front-camera for video chatting and also to expedite the company's Mayday customer service feature.

The remaining four cameras will be placed on all four corners of the phone. These camera modules are said to be incorporated with the special low-power infrared technology which tracks the user's eye and facial movement and work in tandem with the software to configure/alter position of the onscreen elements, providing direct view of the display to the user, there by resulting in the 3D effect without any need of special glasses.

Other mentionable software features include Touchless control, where users can use tilt motion to read/browse/scroll the phone and a camera technology - optical character recognition (OCR), which can convert signs to text. For example, when users take a snap of a signboard or objects like a 'business card', the phone's software will turn the images to readable notes. It can also perform other functions like converting foreign language to English as well, reported BGR.

Check out the official teaser video from Amazon:

Hardware wise, the phone is said to sport a 4.7-inch (diagonal) HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM and run on the tweaked Android OS, similar to the one we see in Amazon's Kindle tablet.

What will be the retail name of Amazon smartphone?

Numerous reports of Amazon's rumored smartphone project have been twirling in the media since the very beginning of the year. And yet, there is no word (official or unofficial) on what would be the retail name of the handset.

Nobody is sure whether Amazon will keep the tablet series tag Kindle or will launch the new device with a brand new name, to create a series for future successors. We just have to wait for a few more hours for the truth to unfold.

Amazon smartphone release details

Major US business publication house The Wall Street Journal, citing multiple sources, claims the upcoming Amazon smartphone will be exclusive to AT & T subscribers soon after the unveiling, but does not provide a clear picture whether the device will remain in USA or Amazon has any plans to release the smartphone in other global markets.

Technology blog BGR independently citing its own sources has revealed that the retail giant has indeed made an exclusive tieup with AT & T for whole of USA and would be offering special Prime Data plan, where subscribers will get free access to the company's video and music streaming service, separate from fixed data plan.