Though the premiere date of Season 29 of CBS' "The Amazing Race" has not been announced yet, the episodes have already started being filmed, as stated by recent reports.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the host of the show, Phil Keoghan, said that the upcoming season has started getting canned and that they are going to be good, just like the previous seasons of the show.

"I can't say too much about it, other than to say we're already two legs in right now and it's extremely exciting. There's already been a lot of drama, and I haven't slept much since we started going only 48 hours ago. We finished two shows, and it's already mayhem," Keoghan said.

When asked what the mayhem was, Keoghan said that during the second leg of the race, he ran into trouble when a celebration on the street made it difficult for him to continue.

"Just this morning, I was trying to get ahead of the teams. It was a very tight race, and I was trying to get ahead to the pit stop, and this bread company was handing out bread on the street. It was a big party celebration on the street. Meanwhile, I was getting texts [from producers] saying that the teams were actually likely to beat me to the pit stop. There is a whole other layer, which makes it extremely exciting, and the excitement and unpredictability come through on the screen," Keoghan said.

Keoghan further added that he barely managed to make it to the location before the teams. Afterward, he admitted that things are going to be hectic for sometime as happens in the initial period of every season.

"It's usually episode 6 where I start feeling a little calmer. The beginning is always panic and craziness."

"The Amazing Race" Season 29 is yet to get a premiere date by CBS.