The cast of The Amazing Race Season 27 was revealed on Thursday, Sept. 3. The 11 teams include a couple of TMZ employees and two paparazzi members. They will be racing around the world for $1 Million.

The teams for the upcoming race are as follows:

1. Team TMZ

Kelly Berning, 37, and Shevone Sullivan, 31. Both work at TMZ.

2. Team Paparazzi

Logan Fazio, 36, and Chris Gordon, 46, are business partners and are also dating each other.

3. Team Cousins

Cousins Alex Manard, 22, and Adam Dingeman, 24.

4. Team Alabama

Mother Denise Williams, 51 and son James Earl Corley, 26.

5. Team Dancers

Brothers Ernest Phillips, 29, and Jin Lao, 26.

6. Team Track Stars

Friends Jazmine Lewis, 23, and Danielle Littleton, 23.

7. The Green Team

Engaged couple Justin Scheman, 30, and Diana Bishop, 30.

8.  Team Chac Attack

Spouses Cindy Chac, 36, and Rick chac, 38

9. Team Reporters

Kelsey Gerckens, 25, and Joey Buttitta, 26, are co-workers and are also dating each other.

10.  Team Texas

Best friends Tanner Kloven, 26, and Josh Ahern, 28.

11.  Team Cheerleaders

Former New York Jets cheerleaders Tiffany Chantell torres, 28, and Krista DeBono, 28.

The race commenced at Venice Beach and host Phil Keoghan kicked things off. Teasing the interesting shooting locations in the new season, Keoghan said in an interview that "we have not orbited the earth. And also, the moon is looking good right now. Wouldn't it be really cool if we were doing 'The Amazing Race' at a point where teams must now make their way to the moon?"

Joking further about the moon becoming a destination in the upcoming season, he added, "250,000 miles to the moon. Once they've landed, they must find the lunar module from 1969. Yeah, so that's what's coming up on The Amazing Race next season. Teams are going to the moon."

Later, he stated that the show needs to keep things fresh.

The Amazing Race Season 27 will premiere on 25 September on CBS.