In the latest episode of CBS' "The Amazing Race" season 27 titled "It's Always the Quiet Ones," the teams will move to Agra, India after finishing the race in Poland.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, after wrapping up their assignments in Krakow, Poland, the teams will continue their journey to Agra, India where new tasks will surprise them.

This will be the eleventh time when the race will continue in India and the show will revisit Agra. The race came to India in season 1 for the first time.

In the ninth leg of the team's race around the world, the teams are advised that there will be a U-Turn ahead. Chris and Logan from The Paparazzi will have a rather difficult goal to complete.

As mentioned by Carter Matt, the next leg of the race will have more drama, as the infamous U-Turn task will be back after nobody opted for it in the fourth leg.

According to a sneak peek of the episode, it seems that this time, the teams will be more serious regarding the benefits of it.

It is shown in the teaser that instead of using the U-Turn against the rival teams, Justin and Diana may use it to put Chris and Logan in danger. Justin and Diana are seen to be throwing them under the bus and are suggesting others to use U-Turn against them.

Reality Fan Forum reported that once the teams arrive in Agra, they will have to undergo through a task that involves watermelons. It has also mentioned that the teams will go to Raja ki Mandi in Agra where the U-Turn board will be placed.

Whether Chris and Logan will make it through this leg of the race or not, will be seen only in the next episode.