The latest season of "The Amazing Race Canada" is all set to be premiered on CTV and will include 10 teams competing for prize money of $250,000 and other gifts such as airfare, cars and hotel accommodations around the world.

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According to The Star, the show travels several destinations across the globe and the contestants will participate in various physical and mental tasks to win the legs of the race. The teams consist of some of the most prominent personalities of Canada, including Ashley Callingbull, who is the first Canadian to win the crown.

Talking about the race, and what she is expecting from it, Callingbull, 26, said in an interview: "You really feel that you want to be a positive role model, but really I'm going to be myself. Hopefully I won't swear too much, because I really tend to under pressure."

Apart from Callingbull, other high-profile celebrities who are taking part this season include contestants from other reality shows like "Big Brother Canada."

In an interview, the host of the race, Jon Montgomery, said, "It's going to be an interesting season because there is obviously something about these people which caused them to win, and in their personality and makeup to compete at such a high level."

Montgomery also said that a diverse casting for the teams has always been a priority. However, this season, it will be more diverse and unique than the previous seasons.

"Compared to prior years, the patchwork of Canadians is much more representative of what our nation looks like. We have people from new Canadians to second- and fourth-generation Canadians. If you really can't find someone you can identify with, then there is nobody like you in this country. You must be one heck of a unique individual."