In the next episode titled "Am I Actually Operating the Plane?" of CTV's "The Amazing Race Canada," the remaining teams will be heading to Hamilton, Ontario, where they will face several tasks that will require them to use their physical strength rather than mind challenges that the teams usually encounter.

To watch which of the teams will make it through the latest leg of the race, CLICK HERE.

The Twitter page of the series has posted a promo from the upcoming episode that shows the teams in aircraft. The video clip hints at a possible aviation assignment that might be headed to the next race in Hamilton.

However, assuming that not all the contestants know how to fly a plain, they will be accompanied by pilots who will help them with their assigned tasks. Though not much is revealed of the assignment, it surely is going to be one of the most thrilling tasks for the teams.

The aviation challenge will undoubtedly put the greatest fears of the contestants to the test and it will be spectacular experience for the fans and the viewers too, especially for those who don't like the tasks that require little to no effort. Most probably, the teams will have to find the clues from the air that will lead them to the next part of the race.

In the meanwhile, Carter Matt has reported that Team Frankie & Amy might use their Express Pass and other teams will have to make more efforts in order to compete with them.

However, Team Steph & Kristen has been giving them a tough competition and right now, it is not yet clear that which of them will make it to the leader-board. The results of this leg of the race will decide the fate of most of the teams and will hint at the team that might win this season.