The next episode of CTV's "The Amazing Race Canada"  titled "The Little Blind Tugboat That Could" will see the teams returning to their home country as the upcoming leg will take place in Haida Gwaii, an archipelago in British Columbia.

Each year, the teams come back to the home country as some part of the race always takes place in Canada. However, unlike the common locations, the race is conducted in less-known places of Canada that are at times, even unfamiliar to the Canadians.

Since the teams are not much aware of what sort of situations they will be facing in Haida Gwaii, the race should be challenging for them. However, there is a significant possibility that a lot of tasks will include outdoor activities and the teams will have to face unexpected hurdles trying their best to fulfil the tasks and lead the race.

while the new location can be beneficial to some of the teams, it might interrupt the progress of others. Killian and Emmett, who finished last in the previous race, might find the physical nature of the tasks in their favour and hence, take it as an opportunity.

On the other hand, Kelly and Kate, who are currently leading the race, may find the tasks a bit out-of-nature from what they usually do and it can slow them down, costing them the first position.

Right now, none of the remaining seven teams are significantly ahead from the other and hence, the excitement regarding the latest leg will remain intact as all of them will have to work equally hard to stay ahead and make it to the finishing line, amid all the hurdles and challenges.

The safest teams so far in the race are Team Steph & Kristen and Team Frankie & Amy as they were awarded with the Express Passes in the previous episode. The passes ensure that they won't be terminated at least for a week. However, they need to be very careful and make sure that they are not left behind because of any of the unknown hurdles that await them in the upcoming leg of the race.