The teams move to Vietnam in Leg 3 of the race
The teams move to Vietnam in Leg 3 of the raceFacebook / The Amazing Race Canada

"The Amazing Race Canada" Season 4 has reached the third leg of the season, which will see the teams move to Vietnam from Alberta. And it seems that the teams will be having an entirely different experience in Vietnam than the one they had in Alberta.

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As reported by The Star, the nine remaining teams of two persons each will first race from Calgary to Vancouver and after crossing Hong Kong, the teams will finally reach Vietnam. The first stop at Vietnam will be Mekong Delta's commercial waterways.

The journey to Melkong Delta was one of the riskiest ones that the teams have faced this year. Due to the high temperature in the region, two members needed immediate medical attention.

Executive producer of the series, John Brunton, asked the local authorities to provide the team members with enough electrolytes at all the locations to ensure that none of the members gets dehydrated due to the heat wave.

"And we got electric lights!" Brunton said.

Brunton said that he wanted to bring the race to somewhere that was "dramatically different" for the current season. In the last season, the teams visited Argentina, Chile and India.

Brunton had a big challenge in front of him when he chose Vietnam as one of the locations as he felt that it would not be a safe destination for the teams. However, his doubts were cleared after he consulted Bertram van Munster, the producer of the American version of "The Amazing Race," who assured him that there won't be any issues in Vietnam.

Luckily, Brunton, who has dealt with authorities from almost all over the world, also found a local contact, who was "of very high integrity, not always the easiest thing to find."