In the latest episode of CBS' "The Amazing Race" titled "It's Not Easy Beating Green," after the teams finished two legs in India, they will head to Hong Kong and Macau in China to face new challenges.

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The remaining teams that include Justin and Diana, Chris and Logan, Kelsey and Joey, and Tiffany and Krista will fly to Hong Kong first where they will visit the Peninsula Hotel, as mentioned by Reality Fan Forum.

Afterwards, they will travel to Macau via a ferry where they would visit The House of Dancing Water. The website has mentioned that a team member will participate in a high-flying water show, hence, it seems that a Road Block task will be assigned there.

The website has also mentioned that the pit stop of this leg of the race will be at the Nam Van Lake that is located at the southern end of the Macau Peninsula.

According to the sneak peak of the upcoming episode, Justin is seen to be crying, saying, "We've come this far. I've give back all our wins, just for this one." It also seems that Diana had a hard time completing the Road Block at The House of Dancing Water and Justin felt that they will finish last in this leg.

However, Krista and Tiffany also struggled at the same task as Tiffany was seen encouraging a crying Krista and said, "You can do this. I know that."

Meanwhile, She Knows has reported that the interest among fans is waning regarding the series. The website stated that the episodes are too obvious to predict who is going to win the race as Justin and Diana keep winning almost every leg of season 27 race.

Besides it, one of the reasons that the show is losing its popularity is, the constantly bickering among the contestants. In almost every episode, Chris and Logan fight over one thing or another and viewers are getting bored with the monotonous brawls.