Amanda Bynes
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In what can be touted as one of the weirdest tweets by 'She's the Man' star Amanda Bynes, she not just compared herself to pop icon Britney Spears, she tweeted that she in fact was the singer herself.

"I'm britney spears," Bynes tweeted at 1:22 p.m. PT, E Online reports. Usually, we have witnessed Bynes posting long tweets, but this time her brief message was enough to draw the attention she was seeking.

The two stars are at present poles apart. While 28-year-old Bynes' career is on the decline, Spears is looking to make a comeback. At present, Britney Spears is on the cover of Women's Health magazine and is looking nothing less than smashing. Some critics believe that the picture in which the 33-year-old 'Baby one more time' singer is seen flaunting her "insane abs" has been edited on Photoshop.

So, one possible explanation for Bynes' tweet can be that she thinks she has awesome abs like that of Spears'. The other and rather sensible explanation would be that Bynes is comparing herself to Spears as both of them have been former child stars. Spears had her stint with Disney, while Bynes with Nickelodeon. The strangest part is that Spears was about the same age as Bynes is now when she hit the rock bottom. She shaved her head and also lost the custody of her kids. But, her comeback proves that if there is a will, there is a way. Maybe Bynes is also accepting that she has had her struggles and is now ready to come back.

After having spent almost a month away from the limelight, the "Easy A" actress returned to the social media 6 December and has been very active ever since.

Bynes' parents took over as her conservators last year, and she was also placed in involuntary mental health care. But they were forced to withdraw after the actress accused her father of sexually molesting her.

Spears and Bynes, both had the same crisis manager, Sam Lufti.