Aman Natt
Aman NattPR Handout

Aman Natt, who runs a trading floor in Mayfair, London, is turning producer with Running Shaadi actor's next film. He will jointly bankrole this movie with Shaun Lee.

Aman Natt is a daring individual and his willpower helped him to go into a film industry called as Bollywood where he is heading out to deliver a film on a tech nerd personality and began figuring out how to trade as a teenager and accomplished this profession at a young age.

After a certain period, he got into some category of electronic money and an advanced digital resource as a medium of trade where the beginning cost for one coin was 100$ but with the progression of time, it escalated to $20,000 in December 2017.

In the wake of making progress, his destiny took a change where his companions turned into enemies as his friends became untrustworthy and began to raise fake cases against him. To be a part of his fortune, he was additionally deceived by his parents and they likewise documented false explanations which were not in favor of him.

At this certain point of life, he was completely shattered, and everything ended up miserable in front of his eyes. Shockingly, the storyline was scripted by famous Bollywood on-screen character Arsh Bajwa who was seen in his debut film Running Shaadi with popular actress Taapsee Pannu in the year 2017.

To add more, in this movie both Aman Natt and Shaun Lee are going to perform a little role in the movie so that the public can come to know about digital currency in a clear format. This film is expected to hit the theatres in September and the places considered for shooting purpose are Delhi, Mumbai, and England.