Amal Paul with AL VIjay and Abijith Paul
Amal Paul with AL VIjay and Abijith PaulAmala Paul/Facebook

South Indian actress Amala Paul has been in news ever since reports of her separation from her husband AL Vijay started doing the rounds on social media. Even though Vijay as well as his father AL Alagappan talked about the matter, Amala remained tight-lipped and did not react to the news. She has now broken her silence on the issue.

Days after Amala was spotted at a family court in Chennai where she appeared in connection with the divorce case, the actress has now come forward, and opened up on her personal life for the first time. Amala, who was very active on social media, had been staying away from the cyber world for some time. The actress was last seen on Facebook on July 11. She returned to the social networking site on Saturday, Sept. 3, with a post.

"In order to open your heart, you must open yourself to change. To live in this seemingly solid world, dance with it, engage with it, live fully, love fully but yet know that it is impermanent and then ultimately all forms dissolve and change. #innerworldouterworld [sic]," reads the Facebook post of Amala.

Meanwhile, latest reports that appeared online on Tuesday, Sept. 6, also suggest that the actress responded to the media for the first time about the news of her divorce. When asked if her plans to continue her acting career were the reason behind her split with her estranged husband, the actress said: "It's all about how you find a right place. Everything depends on one's capability to find the seat which they deserve and that is what I did [sic]," reported Onmanorma.

The actress also opened up about her brother Abijith Paul, who has been a great support in her ups and downs. "I love him so much. We share a typical brother-sister bond... I can't live with or without him. He was the one who have stood by me throughout the times of trouble [sic]," the actress said.

Amala and Vijay got married in a star-studded ceremony in June 2014. However, the couple decided to call it quits even before their second wedding anniversary.