The rumours about Amal Alamuddin being pregnant have gone wild in the last couple of weeks. Various reports had claimed that the human rights attorney was 14 weeks pregnant with her first baby with actor George Clooney. But, the rep of the 54-year-old actor has debunked all these claims.

After a number of rumours about their troubled marriage and divorce, George Clooney and Amal now find themselves dealing with new baby rumours. 

A few weeks ago, Ok! Magazine reported that Amal Alamuddin sparked pregnancy rumours at the premiere of "Our Brand is Crisis" on 27 October, but because of her skinny figure, she could hide the three-month down pregnancy bump pretty well.

"She's so tiny that she's barely showing. Even though the buzz is that she's just past three months, she'll probably be able to hide it for a while," a source told the website.

The report also said that George Clooney is so paranoid that he is keeping a close eye on his barrister wife in this phase. "They're so paranoid about possible complications. George is hounding her about her diet. He's pretty paranoid and will ask her at every opportunity whether she's eaten. When he goes away, he has food delivered to her to make sure she's getting some calories," the source claimed.

And now, according to Gossip Cop, a rep for Clooney has told the website that "the story is made up". The reports said that all these pregnancy stories were untrue and that George and Amal are not expecting their first baby.

The website also pointed out previous issues where the magazine has made such similar claims. The website highlighted July 2014 cover of the magazine that published "George & Amal: Wedding & A Baby!" story and then again, in April 201,5 they ran feature titled: "George: I'm Finally Going To Be A Dad!"

Recently, there were other reports that rubbished these pregnancy rumours. But the reason mentioned in those reports suggested that the UN lawyer is not pregnant because she is borderline anorexic.

Well, we don't know which of these reports are actually true. Now, only George Clooney or Amal Alamuddin will be able to throw some light on their family plans and these pregnancy rumours.