Daira rocked the stage with their Sunday night performance
Daira rocked the stage with their Sunday night performanceFacebook / Daira

Mumbai based alternative-progressive rock band Daira had a mesmerising gig on Sunday in Indigo Live Music Bar, Bengaluru. The concert certainly left all the fans and audience awestruck.

The spotlight of the concert was Daira's newly released music video titled "Meri Soch" that they played during the performance last night. The animated-narrative music video showcased the theme of the band and had several symbolic references related to "following the herd" concept.

Piyush Kapoor, lead vocalist of the band, rocked the gig along with the other members of the band and was received with overwhelming response from the audience. Vikalp Sharma and Shivam Pant were on guitars, Govind Gawli on bass and Pratik Kulgod on drums.

Currently, the band is on a seven-city tour to promote "Meri Soch" video that includes Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Trivandrum, Kochi, Calicut and one yet-to-decided destination.

Though Daira recognises itself under the alternative rock genre, the band members said that they are still in the experimental phase and they try not to restrict themselves under a particular genre for now.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, Govind said: "We experiment with all kind of music; psychedelic, alternative, indie... We are still on the journey to discover our true genre, and it will definitely take some time."

When asked what exactly the name of the band, Daira, represents, Pratik said that though it literally translates to "border" or "boundary," the name is an ironical take on being without any borders or boundaries.

"Through our songs and the music video 'Meri Soch,' we want to convey the message of being free of any influence forced upon us. Therefore, the name of our band reminds our fans that whatever unnecessary boundaries are out there, constraining and restricting their lives, it needs to be eradicated, broken free."

"We encourage our fans to think beyond all the boundaries that the society has enforced upon us in the name of culture and tradition," Shivam added. 

The band believes that with recent developments in Bollywood music scenario, rock music will be main stream in the movies soon. The band is open for such proposals, given that their creativity is not hindered or compromised by any third party.

The band members also talked about their inspirations and influences. Apart from classic bands like Pink Floyd and Pantera, the members also draw inspiration from the contemporary rock bands like Coldplay and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Though the band is happy with the response they have been receiving of late, funding is still a major issue for them.

"We funded most of our gigs by ourselves as it is still not a very common scenario in India to have good sponsors for rock bands. However, we are sure that in a few years, we will be more recognised and appreciated and this issue will be no more," Savi Shrivastava, band manager of Daira, said.