The Alps
A general view from top of the 1838 metres (6030 feet) high Wendelstein mountain shows the Alps and surrounding mountains.Reuters

With its stunning mountain peaks, glacial rivers and vast slopes of lush green land, the Alps is possibly nature's best work of art. There are certain activities that are best done there than any place else in the world. We have a list of things to do when you have the mountains on your mind.

Indulging in a bit of air sports, paragliding and such, is an absolute yes-yes. Skiing too should be somewhere on the checklist. For those looking at enjoying a languid day, visit the spas and wellness centres that have steam inhalation, massages and mineral water baths among other treatments on offer. Hiking, visiting the many museums and churches are a few other touristy things that will give you memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Mount Saentis, Innsbruck and the Matterhorn mountain are some of the places you shouldn't miss if you are planning for a Euro trip for the winters.